Why don't you have a seat. Go ahead and take a seat. Take a seat right over there.

( 。・_・。)人(。・_・。 )

Hi I am a king somewhere. This is a place I put all my dumb little drawings.


I’m an ally of justice. /rkgk

"Welcome back,"

cute moon satchel | $45 from spreepicky
if you’re not afraid. 
happy holidays loves. hope you’re happy! 


when people say really gross things to u and u don’t feel like explaining to them why they’re wrong



also, my $3 knock-off shirt from china finally came
chef and token are white (and apparently, so is the top of chef’s hat). the print is upside down and there’s a character on here that doesn’t exist on the show. it’s so reprehensibly bad and i’m in love with it

that shirt is a prize right there.